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Data Cables + Wiring


The foundation of any data cable and wiring installation is the hardware. You can layout a perfect design architecture and execute a stellar installation, but if you're hardware isn't properly selected to support the requirements of your business, then you will undoubtedly experience problems in the future. Fortunately, Resolve Consulting Services has partnerships with proven, trusted manufacturers of data cables, wiring and hardware, minimizing any need for costly maintenance updates to keep your network running smoothly.

HOW we can help you..

A professional installation ensures that your data cables are properly routed through your office or workspace in a clean, organized approach. This not only protects your data cables from unnecessary wear and tear, it helps avoid connection breaks, damage, and accidental tripping of employees that can turn into an HR nightmare.

Our Services Include

  • Cat5E data cables

  • Cat 6 data cables

  • Giga Cat 6a data cables

  • 10 Gigabit data cables

  • Fiber Optic voice and data cables

  • Design, layout and network configuration for new offices and build-outs

  • Upgrading existing networks

  • Run additional data cables between offices

  • Professional wiring installation

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