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IT Consulting Services


IT Consulting

Whether you need a new server, wireless network or a technology plan for growth, our team of IT professionals are ready and willing to take on any of your IT project or consulting needs. Our proven methodology ensures we come up with the most effective and affordable technology solutions for your business.

HOW we can help you..

Any amount of IT downtime can mean lost productivity, lower revenue, unhappy customers, and missed opportunities. Resolve Consulting Services provides proven strategies, services, and systems to reduce your exposure and vulnerability, help guard your critical operations against downtime threats, and manage your data and system recovery in the event of a catastrophe or natural disaster.

Our Services Include

  • Microsoft Windows Server ™ integrations

  • Microsoft Exchange Server™ integrations

  • Microsoft Windows™ upgrades

  • Microsoft 365™ upgrades

  • Firewall and Edge Security installations

  • Wireless networks

  • Cabling

  • Telephony systems

  • Remote Access and Remote Web Workplace

  • Ground Up/Startup Business IT Projects

  • Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware Solutions

  • Email Filtering and Anti-Spam

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