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Data Backup and Recovery

"53% of organizations can tolerate less than an hour of downtime before experiencing significant revenue loss or other adverse business impact"
source- Enterprise Strategy Group, “ESG Research Review, Data Protection Survey” 

Your business relies on data to operate, enable internal strategies, enter into new markets and support your organization’s compliance needs. However, as the accumulation of data continues to grow at an unprecedented pace, the systems and software you rely on to manage, store and protect this business-critical information have grown increasingly complex. Without the data vital to your business, your operations would be in chaos. 

HOW we can help you..

The technology and hardware that we ALL depend on to run our businesses are incredibly complex. And because it plays such a vital role in today's business climate, any disruptions or breakdowns can be catastrophic. We help protect your data to make sure it’s secure, yet available when you need it most. 

Our Services Include

  • Automatic data backup with user friendly tools that protect data against disasters, equipment failure, or simple human error

  • Improved data availability with service level agreements that ensure your data is where you need it, when you need it

  • Streamlined administration and maintenance control over schedule and bandwidth limits + centralized management via a secure Web portal

  • Your data is protected in highly secured, purpose built facilities to support full fail-over redundancy

  • Maintain a consistent chain of custody via fully encrypted transport and storage services

  • Disaster Recovery consulting and support based on the impact of identified disaster scenarios

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